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Savings Accounts

Golden Savings Account

  • $50.00 minimum initial deposit
  • Interest compounded quarterly
  • Interest paid quarterly
    • During any quarterly statement cycle, you may not make more than six (6) withdrawals or transfers to another account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephone order or instruction. No more than three (3) of the six transfers may be made by check, draft, or similar order to third party.
    • If balance falls below $50.00, a fee of $5.00 per quarter will be assessed.

Additional Golden Savings Account Information

The customer is limited to six (6) withdrawals per quarter. Withdrawals in excess of 6 are assessed a fee of $1.00 per transaction

If you exceed the transfer limitations set forth above in any statement period, your account will be subject to closure, your interest will not be paid, or your account will be changed to a non-interest bearing account.

Interest Rates are subject to change without notice. Other Restrictions may apply.

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